Markie Voyles Adopt-a-Rising Star

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Markie Voyles Adopt-a-Rising Star



 2013  10,000  $1,400
 2014  12,000  $1,500

This years goal represents less than $10.25 per Knoxville Youth Athletics Participant.  That’s less than the cost of most going to the movies.

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Markie Voyles  6/11/91 – 10/26/08

Our program is named in honor of Markie Voyles.  Markie was coached by KYA director Marty Sonnenfeldt in cross country and indoor track.  She was also a standout runner for White County High School (Sparta, TN) and was 2007 State A/AA Champion in the 1600m and 3200m runs.  Markie passed away as a result of injuries sustained in a single vehicle accident just one week from competing in the 2008 TSSAA State Cross Country Championships.  Makie’s generous heart and love of kids exemplifies what this program is all about.

Markies impact on her friends and Competitors 

I would like to thank those that have so generously supported this so far in 2014.  To date we have raised $1,500 towards our goal of $10,000. I am fully aware that in the current economic climate surplus funds for donations are few and far between. The same economic conditions have made it difficult for many parents to cobble together the finances to afford program, meet entry and travel fees. This despite having the most affordable Youth Athletics Program in the area. In 2013 Knoxville Youth Athletics provided over 12% of our participants fee waivers and another 10% reduced fees. I am committed to making sure that finances will not be a barrier to participation and I hope you feel the same as I do. I urge those who have not given to consider giving back to Knoxville Youth Athletics which is providing opportunities for our area youth to shine.  I know that many of you have a variety of charitable causes you donate to and I certainly encourage you to continue. As we continue through the end of the year I hope that we may once again rely on your generosity. I fervently believe in what the Knoxville Youth Athletics does for our youth. It cannot be done without your help.   Take some time to review the website to see what Knoxville Youth Athletics provides for our area youth and ask yourself if contributing to this effort is worthwhile.  If so please click the Donate button below to make your online contribution.  I am sure you will agree that your donation goes a long way in our community.  I thank you in advance for your support and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 865-304-8381.

2013 KYA Program Review


Marty Sonnenfeldt  

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  • Bronze Donation Level  – $40.00 (Sponsors a Child through the Summer Developmental Track and Field Program)
  • Silver Donation Level  – $85.00 (Sponsors a Family through the Summer Developmental Track and Field Program)
  • Gold Donation Level  – $200.00 (Sponsors a Child on the Competitive Team)
  • Champion Donation Level  – $ 360.00 (Sponsors a child to participate year-round in Knoxville Youth Athletics Programs)
  • Olympic Donation Level  – $500.00 (Sponsors a Family to participate year-round in Knoxville Youth Athletics Programs)
  • Corporate Donation Level  – $1,000.00 (Sponsors 2 Families to participate year round in Knoxville Youth Athletics Programs while providing your company a “presenting logo and link” from this page)