Middle School Track and Field

2018 Middle School Track and Field

Knoxville Youth Athletics in partnership with Knox Co Schools and local private schools, provide opportunities for over 20 Middle Schools to participate in track and field.

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Important Dates: 

12/13/17 – Coaches Rules Meeting – 4:30 PM – Vine MS

1/24/18 – Coaches Scheduling Meeting – 4:30 PM – Vine MS

2/10/18 – Coaches Clinic – 9AM-3PM – Webb,   Clinic Agenda    Sign Up

DATE LOCATION TEAMS (meet host listed first in bold)
1/24/2018 Vine Middle School Scheduling Meeting – 4:30 PM
2/10/2018 Webb School Middle School Coaches Clinic – 9 AM-3PM Flyer / Sign Up Link
2/6/2018 First Practice Date
3/9/2018  Karns High School Karns, South-Doyle, Bearden, Catholic, Episcopal, CAK, Farragut, Carter, Whittle Springs
3/21/2018  Halls High School Halls, Northwest, Whittle Springs, Farragut, Natures Way Montessori
3/23/2018  Bearden High School Bearden, Catholic, Episcopal, Holston, Farragut
3/23/2018  Karns High School Karns, Vine, South-Doyle, Webb, CAK
3/23/2018 Powell High School Powell, Carter, West Valley, Cedar Bluff, Gresham
3/28/2018  Central High School Gresham, Powell, Garden Montessori, Halls, Natures Way Montessori
3/30/2018 Austin East High School Vine, Halls, Northwest, Gresham, Catholic, Webb, Cedar Bluff, South-Doyle
3/30/2018 West High School West Valley, Holston, Bearden, karns, CAK, Carter, Holston, Episcopal, Natures Way and Garden Montesori
4/4/2018 Austin East High School Vine, Carter, Gresham, Holston, South Doyle, Whittle Springs, Natures Way and Garden Montessori, Halls
4/6/2018  Farragut High School Farragut, Karns, CAK, Webb, Catholic, West Valley, Powell, Cedar Bluff, Episcopal
4/11/2018  West High School West Valley, Whittle Springs, Holston, Powell, Halls, Cedar Bluff, CAK, Natures Way Montessori, Vine
4/13/2018  Karns High School Karns, South-Doyle, Vine, Bearden, Episcopal, Carter, Northwest, Gresham, Farragut
4/16/2018  CAK  CAK-KYA Track Classic
4/20/2018 Webb School Webb, Vine, Bearden, Whittle Springs, Northwest, Halls, Carter
4/20/2018  Farragut High School Farragut, Cedar Bluff, Powell, Holston, South-Doyle, Karns, CAK, Catholic
5/3/2018   Hardin Valley Academy Middle School Championships – Prelims
5/4/2018   Hardin Valley Academy Middle School Championships – Finals
5/8/2018   Hardin Valley Academy East Tennessee Middle School Elite Championships

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