City of Knoxville Park and Rec Championships

2019 City of Knoxville Park and Rec Championships

5/16, 2019

City of Knoxville and KYA come together to teach about the sport of track and field.

All events start at 6PM

5/16/19 City of Knoxville Park and Rec Championships- Austin-East HS – Entry Deadline 5/14/19

Meets are only open to those attending City of Knoxville Recreation Centers.  Please contact your recreation center director for details on how to get involved and participate.

Rules and Regulations

Online Entry Tutorial Video

Relay Training Video

Events6-8 year olds9-10 year olds11-12 year olds13-14 year olds
100 meter dashXXXX
200 meter dashXXX
400 meter dashXXX
800 meter runXXX
400 meter RelayXXXX
Long JumpXXXX
Sack Race 50 yardXXXX
COED Tug-of-War (3 Boys – 3 Girls) XXX

5:30PM StartOpening Ceremonies
6PM StartField Events First, Followed by Running Events
SACK RACEPinkG/B6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14
LONG JUMPBlueG/B6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14
Tug of WarBlackG/B6-12 (2 members from each age group, 1 boy/girl)
800 M RUNRedG/B11-12, 13-14
400 M DASHRedG/B9-10, 11-12, 13-14
100 M DASHGreenG/B6-8yo
100 M DASHGreenG/B9-10yo
100 M DASHGreenG/B11-12yo, 13-14yo
200 M DASHYellowG/B11-12yo, 13-14yo
400 M RELAYCenter of FieldG/B11-12yo, 13-14yo
400 M RELAYCenter of FieldG/B9-10yo
400 M RELAYCenter of FieldG/B6-8yo

Meet Contact Information

For all questions, contact:

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