Middle School Track and Field

2021 Middle School Track and Field

Knoxville Youth Athletics in partnership with Knox Co Schools and local private schools, provide opportunities for over 20 Middle Schools to participate in track and field.

Running Event Order: 3200-100-4×800 Relay-4×200 Relay-400-1600-4×100 Relay-800-200-4×400 Relay

Field Event (any order): Shot Put-Discus-Long Jump

Important Dates: 

DATELOCATION (click link to register)TEAMS (meet host listed first in bold) – Meets start at 4:30PM unless otherwise notated
3/9/2021Bearden HSBearden, Catholic, Concord Christian, Gresham, Karns
3/11/2021Austin-East High SchoolNorthwest, Carter, Hardin Valley, South-Doyle, Garden Montessori, Halls, Gibbs, Gresham
3/11/2021Farragut High SchoolFarragut, Tate’s, Cedar Bluff, Concord Christian, West Valley, FBA
3/26/2021Central High SchoolCatholic, Northwest, Garden Montessori, Hardin Valley, Vine, Karns, Holston, Concord Christian, CAK
3/26/2021Halls High SchoolHalls, Gibbs, Gresham Powell, Whittle Springs, Carter, South-Doyle, Emerald
3/30/2021Bearden High SchoolWest Valley, Webb, Cedar Bluff, South-Doyle, Tates
4/1/2021Austin-East High SchoolVine, Northwest, Whittle Springs, Carter, Holston, Karns
4/1/2021West High SchoolGarden, Gresham, Hardin Valley, Concord Christian, Farragut, FBA, Emerald
4/7/2021Webb High SchoolWebb, Tates, CAK, West Valley, Powell, Holston
4/8/2021Hardin Valley AcademyHardin Valley, Farragut, Bearden, South-Doyle, Cedar Bluff, Powell, Karns, Concord Christian
4/8/2021Austin-East High SchoolGibbs, Gresham, Halls, Vine, Northwest, Garden Montessori
4/12/2021CAKCAK-KYA Track Classic Meet Page
4/15/2021Halls High SchoolHalls, Carter, Northwest, Whittle Springs, Garden Montessori, Powell, South-Doyle, Holston, FBA
4/15/2021Hardin Valley AcademyHardin Valley, Webb, Bearden, CAK, Farragut, Cedar Bluff, Catholic, Tates
4/20/2021Farragut High SchoolFarragut, Karns, Cedar Bluff, CAK, Holston, Powell, Concord Christian, FBA
4/20/2021Bearden High SchoolWest Valley, Gibbs, Vine, Carter, Bearden
5/6-7/2021Hardin Valley AcademyKnox County Middle Championships Meet Page
5/12/2021Hardin Valley AcademyEast TN MS Elite Championships Meet Page

Meet Contact Information

For all questions, contact:

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