Knoxville Area Private School Elementary Track and Field Meets

2024 Knoxville Area Private School Elementary Track and Field Meet

3/27/24 & 4/3/24

Meets give Knoxville area private schools the opportunity to experience track and field.

Dates: 3/27/24 & 4/3/24

Gate Fee: $5 CASH ONLY – Adults Only. Children and Coaches are free.


Rules and Regulations

Inclement Weather Policy
In case of weather that would create an unsafe environment for kids to participate in the meet management will make a cancellation call no later than 11:30 AM the morning of the meet. We will run in the rain !. The call will be made from the meet site and posted on the TWITTER FEED located on the front page of  You can also pass this along to your parents so they will know – or have them follow us on twitter @KnoxYouthAth.   The meet will then be moved the the inclement weather date listed below.  If the meet is underway and we are forced to interrupt the meet we will break for 30 minutes during which time teachers and students will seek refuge in their buses or in a designated area inside the school. If after a 30 minute delay inclement weather is still in the area – we will suspend competition for an additional 30 minutes during which all races will be converted to timed finals.
Entry Deadline

Meet #1: 3/25/24

Meet #2: 4/1/24

Online Tutorial / Tutorial Video


Team Fee of $40.00 to pay for ribbons.  Please pay all entry fees online if possible.  If you are unable to do so please bring a check made out to Knoxville Youth Athletics to the meet.  NO REFUNDS

Events (Boys and Girls)2nd & 3rd Graders4th Grade5th Grade
100 meter dashXXX
200 meter dashXXX
400 meter dashXX
800 meter runXX
1600 meter runX
400 meter RelayXXX
Long JumpXXX
Sack Race 50m (2nd-3rd,4th & 5th Grades)XXX
COED Tug-of-War (3 Boys – 3 Girls) XXX

Running Events4:30PM Start
1600 M RunRedG/B5th Grade
400 M DASHRedG/B4th Grade
400 M DASHRedG/B5th Grade
100 M DASHGreenG/B4th Grade
100 M DASHGreenG/B5th Grade
100 M DASHGreenG/B2nd-3rd Grade
800 M RUNRedG/B4th Grade/5th Grade Girls
800 M RUNRedG/B4th Grade/5th Grade Boys
200 M DASHYellowG/B2nd-3rd Grade
200 M DASHYellowG/B4th Grade
200 M DASHYellowG/B5th Grade
400 M RELAYCenter of FieldG/B2nd-3rd Grade
400 M RELAYCenter of FieldG/B4th Grade
400 M RELAYCenter of FieldG/B5th Grade
Field Events4:30PM Start
SACK RACEPinkG/B2nd-3rd, 4th, 5th
LONG JUMPBlueG/B2nd-3rd, 4th, 5th
Tug of WarBlackG/B2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade

Meet Contact Information

For all questions, contact:

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