Tennessee State Middle School Cross Country Championships

2021 Tennessee State Middle School Cross Country Championships

October 23, 2021

Athletes from all over the state descend on Victor Ashe Park to determine who is the best.

October 23, 2021

Victor Ashe Park

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Middle School Course Map

Middle School Video

ChattanoogaTBDBrainerd High School, Chattanooga, TNAndy Johnson – 423-421-4403 / andy@trykidz.comWebsite / Online EntryCompleteGirls / Boys
Knoxville10/9/2021Victor Ashe Park – Knoxville, TNChris Kane – 865-385-6237 / knoxvilleyouthathletics1@gmail.comWebsite / Online EntryCompleteGirls / Boys
Mid-StateTBDMacon County HS Lafayette, TNAndy Davis – 615-670-1860 / davisa@maconcountyschools.orgWebsite / Online EntryCompleteGirls / Boys
Tri-CitiesTBDTrailblazer Invite – Daniel Boone HSLen Jeffers – 423-612-0650 / lenjeffers@hotmail.comWebsite / Online EntryCompleteGirls / Boys
NashvilleTBDThe Hermitage – Nashville, TNHollee Ally – hollee@nashvilleyouthathletics.orgWebsite / Online EntryCompleteGirls / Boys
WestTBDShelby Farms Memphis,TNNick Dwyer – 901-359-2012 / ndwyer@memphisyouthathletics.orgWebsite / Online EntryCompleteGirls / Boys
TMSSAA Meet Qualifiers10/2/2021Clarksville,TNGirls Class A
Girls Class AA
Boys Class A
Boys Class AA


Entry Deadline

All Entries must be completed online by October 19th, 2021.  You may not enter this event unless you have qualified through a regional qualifying event (qualifiers are listed by regional below) To enter online Please click the link below.  You must pay with Visa / MC / Debit online no later than 10/19/21.  School issued checks accepted. Please prepare your school bookkeepers with regards to online payment requirement or school check. If you need your invoice, please go back into athletic.net and print off your registration invoice. Please make sure to print this off and bring it with you to packet pick up as proof of entry and payment.  Scratches or no-shows will not be refunded.  Online Entry Tutorial


Varsity Division – (Boys and Girls pay as separate teams).  (7 athletes max per team) Maximum $60.00 per team.  If you have under 5 athletes – $12.00 per athlete.

Middle School Junior Varsity Division -$12.00 per athlete.  Maximum $60.00 per team (Boys and Girls as separate teams). This division is for large qualified teams (7+) that would still like all of their runners to compete at the state meet. Unlimited JV entries per team.


This is a Tennessee State Championship meet for Tennessee middle school aged athletes only.  You must be in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade to compete.  Any athlete that has competed at the High School level (Varsity or Junior Varsity) prior to the regional qualifier or state meet will not be eligible to compete.  Teams and / or individuals must qualify to compete in this championship meet through designated regional qualifying races.   Fifth graders may only participate in the middle school race if:

1. If your respective school district designates 5th graders as Middle School.
2. If your school has 5th graders on the same campus as your Middle School and you DO NOT have enough runners to field a complete scoring Middle School team (5 runners).  Unattached 5th graders may not run in the middle school division.

Middle School Varsity Division – Open to all Tennessee Middle School Athletes (grades 6,7,8) that have qualified at a regional qualifier either as a member of a top 5 team or top 25 individual.  Teams – only your top 7 runners should be entered in the varsity race. 

Middle School Junior Varsity Division – Open to all Tennessee Middle School Athletes of teams that have qualified at a regional qualifier (grades 6,7,8).  This division is only for those qualified teams with more than 7 runners.  All remaining runners outside of your top 7 should be entered in the JV Division.

All Individual qualifiers for the State Meet should enter the Varsity division race.  The JV division race is only for those teams who have more than 7 Elementary / 7 Middle School runners on their teams.


Please note that the Tennessee Middle School Cross Country Championships is a post (TMSAA) season invitational meet.  Teams and individuals competing in Tennessee Middle School Cross Country Championships are selected through a set of five regional qualifying events.  Teams must be made up of members of the same middle school team and must compete as a club-team from that school or as unattached runners.  Composite or “All-Star” teams are not allowed.  However home school teams are allowed.  In 2016 the TMSAA member schools elected to host their own meet. The Tennessee State Middle School Cross Country Championships will invite the following teams and athletes to compete in the State Championships from the TMSAA meet held 10/2/2021.

> Top 5 girls and boys teams
> Top 20 individual girls and boys finishers
> Teams / Individuals must qualify at only one of the Regional Meets listed below – according to the Region Boundaries detailed on the map below.
> Top 5 teams (boys and girls) and the top 25 individuals outside of the top 5 teams qualify for the State Championships
> Top 5 teams and the Top 20 individuals from the TMSAA meet held on 10/2/2021
> If a team has qualified at a prior qualifying event (TMSAA or Knoxville), the next team will be accepted. This applies to TEAMS ONLY
> Qualifying teams are limited to their top 7 runners for the state varsity race.
> The balance above 7 will be placed in the JV race.

Regional Qualifier Map

Here are some helpful tutorials to use when registering:

Enter Your Team in an Event

Register an Unattached Athlete

Create or Edit your Roster

Merge Multiple Athlete Profiles

Register for an Event

ES-MS XC Program Specific Tutorials

Elementary Registration Page

Middle School Registration Page

List of Teams

Not on the list? Fill out this form

Video Tutorial

Questions? Email knoxvilleyouthathletics1@gmail.com


Commemorative shirts and hoodies will be on sale at the meet for $20.00.  Hoodies for $40.00.  Apparel will be on sale Friday during course preview in order for athletes and parents to avoid lines on race day. If you would like to pre-order apparel and have it ready for pick up at the meet please go to: https://knoxvilleyouthathletics.squarespace.com/


Individual Awards – Trophies will be awarded to the top 20 in each race.

Team Awards – Plaques will be awarded to the top Five boys and girls varsity and JV middle school teams.

All-State Designation – Awarded to top 20 individual in both the Middle School varsity girls and varsity boys races (All-State certificates to be awarded with trophies).


Team Scoring will follow standard scoring format.  Top 5 runners score with team tie breakers taken to runners 6.  Team Scoring
for all races

General Rules for the 2020 Fall Season (Subject to Change)


Health and Safety

  • If you cannot answer “NO” to all of these questions, you cannot attend a meet or practice:
    • Have you been quarantined/isolated by a healthcare provider or health department in the past 14 days?
    • Have you had close / face to face contact for 10 or more minutes with someone who has COVID-19?
    • Are you feeling ill?
    • In the past 24 hours have you had a fever, cold, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell/taste, vomiting/diarrhea?
  • If your temperature is 100.4 or higher, you and your household will not be permitted to come to the meet and will have to leave. If you answer yes to any of the other questions, you will not be permitted to the meet for a minimum of that day and up to 14 days dependent on the situation or cleared by their school policies.
  • If a child is quarantined by their school or another entity, they are not permitted back at practice until they are cleared to return by their school policies.
  • If an athlete tests positive, every athlete/coach that is told to self-quarantine by their school or other entity will not be permitted until they are cleared to return by their school or work policies.
  • Hand sanitizer will also be available for anyone to use during the meet at high contact areas including portas and restrooms. Teams should have hand sanitizer as well.
  • Coaches must remain 6 feet away from all athletes unless wearing a mask.
  • Athletes must remain 6 feet away from all athletes or wear a mask unless running or on starting line.
  • MASKS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ATHLETES WHILE COMPETING BUT MAY AT THEIR OWN DISCRETION. Coaches may wear masks if they cannot socially distance.
  • Athletes should not enter team area until 45 min-1 hour prior to wave. We ask that team parents stay out of team areas unless assisting the coach and wear a mask at all times that 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained.
  • Athletes and spectators may not spectate at the start line or finish area. Only athletes competing in that wave should be at the start and all athletes must exit the finish area immediately and go back to team area.

Meet Operations

  1. We will utilize “wave” starts this season. This will keep the number of athletes on the starting line small while still allowing for competition and racing. The size of the wave will be pre-determined by KYA and the facility host. This will be reflected in the online registration for the event and capped at that figure.
  2. Coaches may pick up their packet about 45 minutes before their first wave.
  3. Athletes should avoid being in the team area more than 45 minutes before their wave. Parents should NOT be in the team area except if helping the coach with preparing the team for competition.
  4. Areas marked with “Caution tape” will be areas that you CANNOT spectate. These will typically be around the starting area and finish area.
  5. Clocks at finish and start will be synced with the time of day so that you know as a coach/spectator/athlete what time your race will start.
  6. Race courses are setup so that there is little to no overlap between waves and no cross-overs where athletes could crash.
  7. The race courses will be setup to be run autonomously and likely will not have a lead cart or cyclist.
  8. After the athlete finishes, they cannot hang around at the finish area, must return to their team area and leave if your household is done racing.

Safety Forms/COVID Waivers. Parents must fill out the Athlete Protocol Form, Parent Protocol From and Waiver. Coaches must fill out Coaches Protocol From and Waiver.

KYA COVID WAIVER (All Coaches/Athletes/Parents): https://pdf.ac/mpz7Y
Athlete Safety Protocol Form: https://pdf.ac/A8kHx
Coach Safety Protocol Form: https://pdf.ac/Cq7VD
Parent Safety Protocol Form: https://pdf.ac/hPZhA



Event TimeEvent
Friday 10/22/21
4:00PM – 7:00PMCourse Preview –  Early Apparel Sales – Early Packet Pickup
Saturday 10/23/21
9:00 AM – 2PMPacket Pick Up
9:00 AMCourse Open for Warm ups
9:45 AMCourse Closed for Warm ups
10:00 AMGirls Elementary School Junior Varsity Race – 1 Mile
10:15 AMGirls Elementary School Varsity Race – 1 Mile
10:30 AMGirls Elementary School Awards
11:15 AMBoys Elementary School Junior Varsity Race – 1 Mile
11:30 AMBoys Elementary School Varsity Race – 1 Mile
11:45 AMBoys Elementary School Awards
12:00 PMCourse Open for Warm ups
12:45 PMCourse Closed for Warm ups
12:50 PMGirls Middle School Junior Varsity Race – 2 Mile
1:20 PMGirls Middle School Varsity – 2 Mile
1:40 PMGirls Middle School Awards
2:15 PMBoys Middle School Junior Varsity Race – 2 Mile
2:45 PMBoys Middle School Varsity  – 2 Mile
3:05 PMBoys Middle School Awards

Meet Contact Information

For all questions, contact:

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